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Please note that Article 8 of ROYAL DECREE 1544/2007, of 23 November, which governs the minimum levels of accessibility and non-discrimination on public transport for people with disabilities stipulates the following:

  • In all municipalities, local councils shall ensure that at least 5 percent of taxi licences are allocated to specially adapted vehicles, in keeping with Annex VII. It shall be up to the license holders themselves to adapt their taxi, but if said percentage is not reached, local councils shall call for the holders of the latest licenses to be issued to ensure that their taxis are in fact accessible.

  • The taxis shall provide a priority service for people with disabilities, but while on service, as with non-adapted taxis, they shall also be able to pick up passengers without a disability too.

  • As prescribed in proceeding paragraphs 1 and 2, local councils should start planning within a year of the Royal Decree coming into force. Full execution of the above should be completed within a period of ten years, following implementation of said Royal Decree.

You're in : Es >> Organiza-tu-viaje >> Eurotaxis