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In PREDIF we want to help you enjoy the tourism in full, so you can contact us by any form, we will be attentive to your suggestions and doubts..

We invite you to visit the (FAQ's - Frequent Asked Questions) fAQs - Frequent Asked Questions, maybe we already have some answers to your questions..


Av. Doctor García Tapia, 129, Local 5
28030 Madrid
Telephone 91 371 52 94 - Fax 91 159 34 16
Email: predif@predif.org

TUR4all administrator

Email: info@tur4all.com


Email: efrancisco@predif.org

Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Programme

Email: taleman@predif.org

Tourism and SPA Programme

Email: vacaciones@predif.org

TUR4all Insignia

Email: distintivo@tur4all.com


Email: ilopez@predif.org

Accessibility consultancy

Email: iosorio@predif.org


Email: comunicacion@predif.org

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