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Legal Notice

Terms and conditions of use of the TUR4all application

The following Terms and Conditions govern the downloading, access and use of the "TUR4ALL" App (henceforth, "Application"), which the Spanish Representative Platform for People with Physical Disabilities (henceforth, "PREDIF") and the Vodafone España Foundation (henceforth, "FVE") make available to users.

This version of the Application is available free of charge from Google Play and Apple Store. Access to the Application implies the acceptance and consent, without reservations, of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

FVE and PREDIF reserve the right at any time and without prior notification to carry out changes and updates to the Application.

FVE reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions to adapt them to potential legislative amendments and changes to the Application itself, as well as those that might be derived from the existing codes or for strategic or corporate purposes.

1. Aim

The TUR4all App is designed to be a tool so that tourists with accessibility needs can enjoy a greater degree of independence when it comes to planning their trip or improvising once at the destination.

Tur4all Plus has a search engine where you can select establishments by country, province or region, by category (accommodation, bar or restaurant, tourism offices, monuments, culture, trade fairs and congresses, nature and beaches, leisure and recreation, shopping, sports facilities, wellness centres and spas, public toilets, banks and cash dispensers / ATM, healthcare resources, parking facilities, transport and tourist routes; henceforth, the holdall phrase, the "establishments" and/or "restaurants, locations and sites ") as well as using advanced search criteria (accessibility criteria). There is also a utility called "Near Me ", which enables you to identify the nearest accessible tourism resource using a geolocation system.

TUR4all is multi-language and interacts with social networks enabling users, by way of a simple questionnaire, to publish content (hereafter "User content ") about the accessibility of new establishments, locations or sites, as well as photographs of them and provide their opinion about accessibility of already-registered establishments, becoming as such opinion leaders and evaluators of accessible tourist establishments. Only establishments with an average accessibility score of 3/5 or above will be included. Application data is for personal use only therefore its use for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

To be able to take advantage of the Interactive Services, making it possible not only to publish User Content but also to evaluate the accessibility of establishments, users should log in, and to do so requires them to provide certain personal details, including a photo and details about their specific accessibility needs, which the user might have. The details that will be able to be seen are the photo and the "Alias". The visible activity will comprise their Contents and Commentaries.

The Interactive Services can be accessed via their social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter) but only with the users’ prior authorization, each time that they publish new Content or register a new establishment at TUR4All, and this will also be published in the user’s social network profile.

2. Intellectual and industrial property rights

Intellectual and industrial property rights referring to the solution are the property of PREDIF and FVE, and as such they can exclusively exercise their rights to exploit these in any form, and more specifically, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and processing.

3. Liability Disclaimer

The Application is provided "as is" and as such implies no further responsibility. PREDIF and FVE shall not be held responsible for the quality of the finished Application, nor as to whether it serves and complies with all its aims. This said, PREDIF and FVE undertake to do the best of their ability to help to improve the quality of the Application, although they are unable to guarantee the accuracy or currency of its content.

The downloading and use of the Application are the exclusive responsibility of the user. PREDIF and FVE shall in no way be held responsible, indirectly or otherwise, for any potential damage, harm, loss or claims resulting from failures, malfunctions and blockages in the operating of the Application (for example, but not limited to: error in the communication lines, hardware or software defects of the Application or Internet network failures). Likewise, PREDIF and FVE shall not be held responsible for any damage caused stemming from the improper ad inappropriate use of the Application by users. PREDIF and FVE shall not be held responsible for any potential security flaws that might be produced upon installation of the Application.

Neither PREDIF or FVE can guarantee the absence of access errors to the Application, its content, nor that it has been updated, although they will make their best effort in order, where appropriate, to avoid, remedy or update them.

PREDIF and FVE shall not be held responsible for the content of third-party web pages that can be accessed via the links from the application. The links are there purely for information purposes and under no circumstances constitute an invitation to contract products or services that are provided at the destination page. Should PREDIF or FVE become aware that the activity or the information stemming from these links are unlawful or constitute a crime that might harm the well-being or rights of third parties subject to damages, they shall act with due diligence to delete or deactivate the link as soon as possible.

Neither PREDIF or FVE shall be held responsible for any harm or damage stemming from cases of force majeure, such as for example: error in the communication lines, failings of user hardware or software, Internet network failures (connection, in the linked pages). There is not guarantee that the application will operate continuously, reliably and correctly, without delays or interruptions.

As far as the User Content and their comments are concerned, the User states that they shall (i) not publish any information that goes against public order or good practise, (ii) not misrepresent the aim and purpose of the Application; (iii) not publish information that contravenes the Spanish Data Protection Act, such as identifying individuals without their consent; (iv) accepts the publishing of Content consisting of personal opinions and/or information about the use has the necessary rights to publish it.

TUR4all reserves the right to delete, at its sole discretion, any opinions or content that it considers against the law or against the prohibitions outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

4. Data Protection

In keeping with the Spanish Data Protection Act, Organic Law 5/1999, of 13 December (hereafter, "LOPD"), personal information that users voluntarily provide by using the Application, into a file for the needs of the TUR4ALL service.

Furthermore, please be informed that, unless indicated otherwise, the provision of personal data presupposes the consent for further processing by PREDIF.

Both the user and healthcare staff state and guarantee that all personal details provided to PREDIF are accurate and correspond to their true identity.

We also inform you that you can exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the processing of your data by notifying us in writing, including a photocopy of your ID, to PREDIF, Av. Doctor García Tapia, 129 Local 5. 28030 Madrid. Similarly, you shall be able to withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us in writing sent to the above address.

FVE shall not be held responsible for any personal information uploaded into the PREDIF solution.

5. Miscellaneous

PREDIF and FVE reserve the right to carry out, at any time and without prior notification, modifications and updates to the information contained in the Application its configuration or its appearance.

Furthermore, PREDIF and FVE reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions to ensure they are in line with possible legislative changes as well as those that might be derived from the existing codes or for strategic or corporate purposes. All of which, without requiring the prior consent of those affected to carry out the subsequent processing, when said consent is not considered to have been given as per the present Terms and Conditions.

Links to third parties: the Application is available from the Google Play and Apple Store application distributors. The processing of personal data shall be governed by the Privacy Policies of the distributor.

PREDIF and FVE undertake to make their best efforts to always comply with the best practises set out in the market sector for applications for smart devices.

6. Legislation and jurisdiction

The user accepts that the applicable legislation and the Courts and Tribunals competent to deal with any differences stemming from the interpretation and application of this clause are the Spanish ones, and shall be subject, as such expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

You are in : Legal Notice